Food reactions video

Common food reactions include allergies, intolerances and coeliac disease. This short video shows you visually the amounts of food involved in causing each of these reactions. For more information have a look at the table in a previous post to compare the food reactions.


Low chemical cooking

If you have a food intolerance it can be handy to supply your family and friends with recipes that suit you. “Beware though – well meaning hosts will sometimes be tempted to spice up a meal, mistakenly believing that you’ll enjoy it more if it has some extra flavour,” warns Friendly Food. This book of recipes for the allergic and intolerant does sometimes leave you tempted to do a little spicing up, especially of the low chemical recipes.

The recipe I tested was the Potato Torte. It’s free of gluten, nuts and soy and low in food chemicals that affect the intolerant. And it’s weird. Read More »

So how intolerant are you?

It seems to be the question on every waiter’s lips when you ask them about the ingredients in a dish. To the person with a food intolerance, it’s a sensible question. But imagine the mother of an allergic child, carrying an epipen in her handbag, or a coeliac who knows that one hundredth of a slice of bread can damage their bowel. These three people could all become sick from eating the wrong foods, but the reasons for it are quite different. Read More »